Albania Trip Vacation: The Hidden Paradise

by Mushroom 101
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Welcome to Albania! This is the map of Albania, so we’ll gonna take you to some of the best places. During this trip you will be able to see Shala River. We will take you to Kruja City where there is a lot of culture and history the amazing Albanian Alps and the path from Valbona to Theth will take you to Cape of Rodon. Then will take you to the beautiful Albanian Riviera and to Karaburun Peninsula. So when do you want to start ?!!


Starting from Tirana we stopped in the Vau i Dejës Lake to have a quick breakfast and enjoy the view but it’s time to get back on the road heading to the next destination. Day one with our pickup truck we draw a few hours through the mountains and valleys before to arrive to Komani Lake. With our small boat we went up to the lake so we could reach its source which is Shala River. With the water by five degrees Shala River has its springs from melting snow of Albanian Alps being thus the clearest river in Albania. Time to let go of modern transport and walk through Valbona mountains to get the next valley, Theth.

So we are now back to the civilization and the plan of the day was to visit the two historical cities the first one is known for its traditional bazaar and the second one is known for its unique architecture. Welcome to KRUJA!!!

The next morning we woke up extra early to see a lake not far from the capital. It provides the better part or the drinkable water for Tirana. And to get a better view we decided to climb up a hill. And from the rock we could admire the whole Bovilla Lake.

Let’s go high again this time by taking a cable car to go on the top of the Dajti Mountain and fly above the wooded hills. Continuing our adventure from our last destination we pass by the National Park of Llogora known for its mystical side where roads and clouds become one, So this is our last day in Albania and there’s one more thing that we haven’t seen yet it’s the seaside.

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The ten days we spend in Albania were incredible. We were lucky to meet amazing people. This small country offered us so many different landscapes. Each day we discovered new breathtaking sights but there are still more what keeps secret that we haven’t uncovered. We intend to come back to unlock them. Albania see you next time…

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