Travel to a Fairytale Town in the heart of Croatia: Dubrovnik

by Mushroom 101
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Hi guys!!! Today we are visiting a city we wanted to see for a long time. Welcome to Dubrovnik!!! We’re hanging out just outside the city walls and you can see it just behind us. Dubrovnik is a southern city in Croatia and it’s located on the Adriatic Sea. It has approximately 42,000 people that live here and as you can see there’s approximately 42,000 tourists as well. We just tucked back into the alleys as you can see. There’s not a lot of people at all right here.

We’re gonna have a sandwich right now. Croatia’s sandwich game is awesome. What’s really crazy is there might be as many restaurants as there are people here. So we made it back to Stradun, which is the main road. We’re in the main square called Lu┼ża and behind me is this beautiful bell tower. I actually cannot get over the number of walking tours but there’s groups of people everywhere like sitting on the stairs. It’s a big group of people and there are as many restaurants as people so I guess those people have to eat.

Right in the square here is this awesome little fountain. We’re making a way out of the main area and it’s way less people back here. I’m gonna show you something special. This is one of the best bars in Dubrovnik. Check it out guys, we’re up here. So, these guys are down here swimming and you can kind of jump right off and the view. That’s the ancient city, there’s stairs you can walk down. We’re just staying right up there about to have a beer. Finally, Croatian beer!!! Down here you can just come hang out on the rocks.


That was awesome!!! If you’re here you think it would be!!! Now we’re making our way back down to the main square. We saw people on the upper wall and you can walk on the wall in this place. I think we couldn’t see if we can find out how to do that but we’re on our way up through the city walls. So we thought there was going to be a big lineup and the views are going to be stunning. So far, in five minutes and the view is unreal.

This is probably the most incredible view ever, that exist on this planet and you are seeing this. We’ve seen some great views in some world-class cities but this one might take the cake. So, do you remember the start of the walk we were over there at that point. So you guys this is totally worth the money. We were a little hesitant if we should spend the 300 Kuna for two people so it’s 150 Kuna per person. That works out to roughly $20 U.S. and definitely worth for these views and it’s about an hour walk around the whole walls if you take your time.

Apparently it took three centuries to build this place and it is so old we can’t even figure out the entire history. We’ll let you look it up for yourself but we know this much there’s not a lot of places that are walled in off by city cliffs. You have these amazing architecture with red roof buildings. Actually I can’t even think of one but I’m sure there others but you have to come and check out Dubrovnik.

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So guys, like cool spot where we had a beer and where there was like you’re on the cliff, the people are jumping the water. It’s so cool that you can actually walk the perimeter and see the entire city. I didn’t think it actually went around the whole city but it does. Like you can see everything from up here we have never seen a city like this before. It must be one of a kind you can’t ask for much more.


Expectations for this place was really really high and when we got here yesterday i have to admit I was completely overwhelmed there were just so many people here. It was hard to take it all in fast forward to today and my entire opinion change. This place is magical. The sights on the ground, the alleyways and the main square it’s surrounded by beaches as well. We didn’t even get a chance to show you that but there’s about five beaches within a half-hour drive away. The place is beautiful. All right guys, from Dubrovnik wish new delightful travels.

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