Santorini, Greece: A unique island to travel

by Mushroom 101
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We’ve just got to OIA which looks like it’s pronounced oil but it’s OIA, in Santorini. Yeah!!! We just settle down in our room and we’ve just come out what’s the time it’s probably like 4 p.m. now actually or half 3. We haven’t eaten much all day cause I’m super traveling. So we’re on the lookout for some food and it looks amazing so far. We’re just heading out to go and have some dinner now and I said who could find food last time. I’ve looked but we had like a bite to eat. We have got a hot tub where we’re staying which is so cool swimming in effort was for like three hours.

Ah the sunset area is amazing. The first day of traveling so tomorrow I’ll be all fresh. Like five or six days blog I’m changing up the way I do videos a little bit. I’m not going to do like the traditional blog. I’m just gonna do more visual stuff. It is a little bit windy and we’ve come in May so it’s obviously like just gonna start getting into their summer soon. I just wanted to say hi from the restaurant. I totally forgot to vlog so what’s yours again?! One Filetto Crudo and Lobster Ravioli. Nice!!! Oh, I’ve got a Linguine which looks so good with them Rukola and Cherry Tomatoes!

I feel so much better this morning. I’ve been up for a little while we have a little hamper like left outside of our door for our breakfast each morning which is so cute. We just sat at a little restaurant. It’s really nice up here so many of these restaurants that have an amazing view. We had some lunch. I had a Greek Salad and we’ve been chatting about mostly cameras something of what we’re gonna do today and it was really annoyed because he forgot his ND filter so now we’re gonna go back to our room. We’re hiring a buggy out here which I’m so excited.


We’re getting that buggy and then we’re heading over to a beach. This guy is just showing Jason where all the controls are then we’ll be on our way to the beach. We just stopped at Firá (Thera) town and here and it’s so fancy. We’ve just come to this gorgeous kind of restaurant I got a banana juice. So we were in Firá (Thera) for a little while we’ve been trying to find Kamari Beach. I think apparently it’s supposed to be the nicest beach. We found it on this black beach here.

We just had some dinner and we thought we’d go on a night adventure. We’re going to go and see if we can find a really good spot to go get some footage. And I thought I’d take you guys along with me as well because I’ve never really been on a night adventure like this on holiday. We found the spot just before Firá (Thera) and we’re just sitting on this rooftop.

Morning everyone just waking up and it’s really hot today as well I think it’ll be a lot better today and tomorrow. Since we’ve been here it’s amazing just let’s get some pictures of this guy with a donkey. I’ve got a Polaroid of me and the donkey but I’m hoping it’s not overexposed. So we’ve been taking some photos and some videos. So, in the buggy we’re just about to go to Firá (Thera) and we want to find to the Red Beach. No the Red and the White Beach. Well we want to find a white beach but we don’t know we can get to it. We can’t get without picture pit stop. We just have found for some lunch restaurant Rastoni. It was really nice to have some Pastas and a Caprese Salad. Now everything is okay, we just got here. Let’s go explore!!!

This is Caldera Beach (Akrotiri) and it’s small but no one’s on it so nice we’ve got it all to ourselves. Just driven to the bottom of the island and where the lighthouse is it’s supposed to be amazing. So you’re just hiking up this trail now when I go and find some food that was so gorgeous. Hey guys, I’ll stay here today and we just had a bit of food and Jason’s grabbing some orange juices for us we’re just taking some photos as well.

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I think we’re heading back to the other side of OIA and the end of our stay here. Now I’m just sitting here with with an ice cream. We need to start editing and packing really so yeah, I just thought I’d sign off here. Thank you guys so much for watching this video if you liked it. And to the next travel vlog!!! I’d like to see me go anywhere in particular that would just be fun to see what you guys would like?!

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