Exploring Thessaloniki: What To Do in 48 hours

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We are exploring the beautiful city of Thessaloniki in Greece. Our first impressions are very positive; the city is vibrant, relaxed, and social.

We can see the ocean from the Promenade and there are plenty of cool restaurants and cafes. We are located in a central area of the city, which is great as we can walk to the main town. We can spot a cruise ship in the port, which must be popular on the cruising route.

The White Tower

The most famous landmark in Thessaloniki is the White Tower. It was an Ottoman fortress and prison, now it is an exhibition. We bought tickets to explore the inside, but unfortunately, there was no English translation. The walkway to the top was interesting and there was a low ceiling.

We learned there was a flood last week, which is why they didn’t have audio guides. The view from the top was incredible, we could see the entire city.

Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great is celebrated here with a monument on the waterfront. He succeeded his father at age 20 and conquered parts of the Eastern Mediterranean, Egypt, parts of Asia, and the Middle East. He took a lot of land for his people when he was the ruler of the ancient Kingdom of Greece, which was called Macedonia.

Exploring the City

If you want to go to the beach, there is a boat from the port and White Tower that will take you for a reasonable price. We didn’t have time to explore the beaches this trip, but we showed you the sights of Thessaloniki!

  • We recently had a lunch break at an old vegan place called Hand Witch.
  • We then decided to rent an Airbnb and found a really cute and central apartment.
  • We also went to the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki which was included in the museum pass we bought.

We were very happy with full bellies and decided to explore. We soon came across lots of cats and so we decided to buy them some treats and Greenies. We were also struggling to find a supermarket, but eventually found an organic, fancy and expensive one.

Thessaloniki is a Melting Pot

Thessaloniki is a vibrant city known for its melting pot of culture and its unique port destination. We visited a number of exhibitions such as the Byzantine Museum, which was an extension of the Eastern Roman Empire and housed beautiful mosaics.

The Rotunda was another stop on our ticket, built as a palace and later converted into a Christian Monument with an area for prayer. Inside the exhibition there was also a lot of history about the area, including a great fire and involvement in a war in Asia Minor.

Thessaloniki is also scattered with ancient buildings with terracotta roof tiles and stone walls, adding to its unique charm. The city is a gateway to the Middle East, Asia Minor, Northern Africa and Europe, meaning it is home to many people from all over the world. We thoroughly enjoyed our time here and would have loved to stay longer, but alas, our interrail pass called us to Athens.

Be Careful

Finally, we must warn you that there are some people in Thessaloniki who are doing a bracelet trick where they slap a bracelet on your wrist and then charge you a stupid amount of money for it. Be careful!

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